Achieving Goals

sara-on-beachAchieve Client Goals and Track engagement

The Adviser’s job is to assist in setting client goals. Trinlogix can help achieve those goals in the reviewing and monitoring stages. By monitoring with more clarity, clients stay more engaged. When utilizing an innovative product like Trinlogix’s to view client portfolios, both the client and adviser win. Engage with more transparency, while tracking all engagement.

The Value of being an Innovator

Sara is an investment adviser that earns about $250,000 in annual fees.  She has about $20,000,000 in AUM, serving 300 clients and performing approximately 250 meetings per year.

Sara earns $2.08 per minute, and with Trinlogix, will increase her time savings by 20 minutes per meeting, resulting in an annual ROI of $10,400 per year.  In this case, Sara’s Value is over 10 to 1!