Produce Results

Advisers Produce Results and Trinlogix Highlights Differentiation

Our innovative tool renders investment portfolios into three-dimensional images that are easy to understand and manipulate. The tool operates on both web and mobile platforms. And an open architecture lets us offer custom solutions.

For the adviser, the real-time solution simplifies client discussions about investment portfolios. The interactive cube lets the client see and immediately grasp the significance of investment decisions. Flexible and responsive, the tool lets the adviser and client:

  • Drill down to look at individual equities
  • Zoom out to view the overarching strategy
  • Compare and differentiate their portfolio to indexes or benchmarks
  • Gain new insights into style and allocation

Simple and powerful, the cube improves client understanding, creates confidence and builds long-term trust.

Portfolio management that’s clear as a picture.


Show Style drift & Saturation easily

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Highlight Differentiation Quickly