A Patented and Award-Winning Visualization Tool to present Big Data in an interactive 3D View.


Supervision and Surveillance

More documentation is better – Trinlogix creates Customer Interaction Reports™ & Documentation, automatically leaving a permanent record of client interaction anytime the cube is utilized. This can also include an e-signature sign off by the client on multiple devices to be stored electronically, for administrative review at a later time.

Interaction Reports are fully searchable and can be used for:

  • Client meetings
  • Investment oversight
  • Client participation
  • Compliance documentation


For Financial Advisers:

Be Efficient

The Trinlogix Tool allows you to present material in a clear concise manner that gets to the point.

Increase AUM

  • Save time by providing clarity to client meetings.
  • And save time for clients and that saved time.
  • For the adviser can translate to more clients.

Empower Clients

Provide a tool to allow clients to drive investment conversations.

Document Client Interactions

Take advantage of the automatically created “Interaction Reporting” within the Trinlogix Tool. It tracks all client engagement and includes E-signature capabilities for deeper compliance detail.

For Consumers:

Create Clarity

Quickly and easily compare portfolios or funds in interactive 3D while tracking performance from your desktop or mobile app.

Provide Cutting Edge Technology

Offering a view that no others offer in interactive 3D that’s easy to work with and a fun way to visualize portfolios and funds.


**Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor,Occupational Outlook Handbook,
2016-17 Edition, Personal Financial Advisors median hourly rate for Financial Advisors in 2015.


Select from the payment options below to subscribe to the Trinlogix Interactive 3D Viewer Tool. Trinlogix does not require a yearlong commitment. Contact us at any time to end your month to month subscription.

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The software has the API carry out actions on its behalf using authorization tokens, with an accompanying user identifier (the user’s numerical ID). This API is a web service, and works via POST requests.


The software will support the following operating systems: iOS • Android • WebGL


Unity WebGL – latest version 5.4.1 is used to render the motion 3D cube view.


For the best security, the database has unique users, which limit what data certain parts of the software can access. Furthermore, the users are only allowed to connect to the database over a local connection within the same datacenter (DigitalOcean NYC3) This means that no database traffic travels over the Internet, and ping times are extremely low, leading to the highest level of efficiency and security.


All of Trinlogix’ services are highly secured. Our traffic passes over secure connections that utilize the most recent security standards, protecting user information from being accessed via all known SSL exploits. Our servers also use a strong Diffie-Hellman group (2048 bits) to ensure strong encryption keys.All of our publicly hosted services have an A rating from SSL Labs.


Trinlogix has the ability to fully integrate its tool into a website or other portal (via an iframe) as well as provide SaaS through the use of its secure servers, connecting via a JavaScript API or allow licensing of code to be operated from client’s servers.


The Admin Console is the main user interface and allows user to carry out functions such as, but not limited to, creating portfolios, adding investments to portfolios & viewing portfolios. The admin console is hosted on the Web Server.


Users can create tokens that have a limited scope of access to a user’s account. This will allow third parties to interface with Trinlogix to carry out actions on the user’s behalf.


Single sign on capabilities readily available for integrations.


Financial Industry

The Trinlogix Interactive 3D Viewer Tool is an API First design and has been built to be easily integratable with other software products. We are steadily forging new relationships and integrations within the fintech industry. If you have an interest in partnering integrating please contact our development team.

Other Industries

The Trinlogix patent is a system and method for the display of 3D data. What this means for the future of data presentation is the opportunity to bring clarity in the same way to industries such as health care, insurance, power/energy, defense or other governmental applications. Any industry dealing with big data will be able to tap into the Cube to offer more clarity. For further development in other industries Trinlogix is open to partnerships that explore how to best utilize this powerful tool in new markets.


May 18, 2017


March 13, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. – The Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA) recently recognized Trinlogix, LLC with a 2017 Technology Innovation Award. Trinlogix was recognized for the addition of automatic Interaction Reports™ to its patented interactive visualization tool.


BISA’s Technology Innovation Award highlights leadership in the advancement of the financial services industry’s products, services and platforms through technology innovation. It is designed to recognize companies for their commitment to technology based solutions and advancements.


The Trinlogix Interaction Reports™ are created automatically any time the Trinlogix cube is used to view portfolios / funds in its interactive 3D view. The Interaction Reports™ are fully searchable.


“With the implementation of new DOL regulations pending, we wanted to create a better way to track interaction – whether with the client or for internal compliance oversight. No matter what happens with the new regulations, we can all agree that more documentation is better.” said Ted Toso, CEO of Trinlogix.


The Interactive 3D Portfolio View Tool is made up of a heat sensing map that allows advisers to quickly view funds and equities as up (green) or down (red) with the ability to drill down quickly to individual equities (spheres) or zoom out to see groups of equities (columns). It allows for easy side by side comparison of portfolios. Advisers are using it as an analytic tool and at a high level for more effective client presentations.


The tool is a secure cloud based solution that can be utilized in the office or as a mobile app. The product can be purchased as a subscription for $99 per month as a single user or negotiated group rates. It can also be licensed, with the ability to port the product via its API first design into a website or dashboard, allowing white label and branding opportunities.

“Trinlogix will continue to add features to the software,” said Jason Spafford, Senior VP Sales and Development. “We are currently expanding on ways to view performance and continue to let the voice of our clients help guide our updates and improvements.”


With the growing trend toward robo-advisors, Trinlogix has created a necessary tool for online users, but it’s also a valuable tool for traditional brokers and advisors as they look for better ways to communicate with clients and differentiate themselves in a very visual way. The Interaction Reports™ are the latest feature of this cutting edge tool.



About Trinlogix, LLC


Trinlogix, based in Minneapolis, MN, is a software company serving the financial industry with its patented flagship software tool that creates clarity via an  Interactive 3D Portfolio View. For more information about Trinlogix or its products contact Jason Spafford at Spafford@Trinlogix.com.

March 6, 2017

trinlogix exhibiting at 2017 BISA

The Trinlogix team will be traveling to the annual BISA (Bank Insurance Securities Association) to present its latest updated tool. Come meet us at Booth 22 if attending.  Not only does the Trinlogix Interactive 3D Cube display portfolio and fund information in a new way, the latest version of the cloud based software tool also has added Interaction Reports™ that are automatically generated whenever the Cube is utilized. These interaction reports are a great way for advisors to have additional documentation demonstrating their fiduciary responsibility to their clients. One advisor likened the extra security to “a seat belt to keep our practice safe.”

September 10, 2016

trinlogix mentioned

Trinlogix has mention in recent BISA newsletter One Source regarding its Technology Award Winning 3d Cube.

March 14, 2016

Trinlogix Wins 2016 BISA Technology Innovation Award

Trinlogix was notified last month that it is a winner of the BISA 2016 Technology Innovation Award. The award honors technology advances in the financial services industry. BISA (Bank Insurance Securities Association) will host the annual BISA Convention March 15-18, 2016 in Miami, FL. Trinlogix will be in attendance (Booth 22) to provide demos and answer questions from industry experts.

January 26, 2014


Trinlogix LLC announced today that it will be exhibiting at the CFA Institute Conference:  Wealth Management 2014 Strategies for Private Clients.  The conference takes place February 19-20, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove, CA.  The event is hosted by the CFA Society of Orange County.


If you are interested in hearing about Trinlogix LLC at the conference or would like to set up a free demo, contact them at info@Trinlogix.com.


Trinlogix, LLC will be meeting with potential clients and demonstrating its financial services software at the conference.


This cutting edge 3D technology provides portfolio managers a real time view of their stock portfolio.  This software gives managers of stock the ability to view and drill down into a stock portfolio by asset class and sector.  Having this capability in the same view creates an environment not only to monitor stocks, but visually create a new way to interact and communicate with audiences.  For the first time, people can see, understand, and explore how their money is invested.




About Trinlogix, LLC.

Trinlogix is a pioneer in designing and using 3D portfolio rendering software to build deeper discussions with clients. Since 2006, Trinlogix has evolved from an idea to a full functional seasoned solution with real time updates.

October 1, 2012


Trinlogix launches nationwide Advisor awareness campaign. Trinlogix transforms the portfolio review discussion, as clients self-educate, self-profile and own their investment decisions. Traditional attempts to solve this problem have resulted in numerous print-outs of graphs and boxes that can confuse and over- whelm the client and make their decisions even more overwhelming.


Trinlogix’s easy to configure, use and explain portfolio rendering tool helps clients improve their ability to answer specific portfolio questions. The educational experience builds the relationship between the advisor and the client and positions the advisor as the trusted source for reliable answers to pertinent portfolio questions.




About Trinlogix, LLC.

Trinlogix is a pioneer in designing and using 3D portfolio rendering software to build deeper discussions with clients. Since 2006, Trinlogix has evolved from an idea to a full functional seasoned solution with real time updates.

March 29, 2012


Trinlogix notified its patent application has been published for public review by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Trinlogix patent pending innovation uses 3 Dimensional Portfolio Imagery to solve the vexing problem of creating easy to understand client portfolio presentation. Trinlogix transforms the portfolio review discussion, as clients self-educate, self-profile and own their investment decisions.



About Trinlogix, LLC.

Trinlogix is a pioneer in designing and using 3D portfolio rendering software to build deeper discussions with clients. Since 2006, Trinlogix has evolved from an idea to a full functional seasoned solution with real time updates.


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Be Efficient & Increase AUM

What Trinlogix Users are Saying:

Achieve Client Goals

A Recent MIT Study showed that 72% of people prefer a motion view versus a static view.

The Adviser’s job is to assist in setting client goals. Trinlogix can help achieve those goals in the reviewing and monitoring stages. By monitoring with more clarity, clients stay more engaged. When utilizing an innovative product like Trinlogix’s to view client portfolios, both the client and adviser win.


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